Gage Provides 24/7 Innovative Solutions for Unbeatable Support

“Gage provides innovative and cost-effective technology solutions that cannot be beat.” Josh Loeske, CEO/Owner, QSM It’s always nice to hear a ringing endorsement of our IT Services from one of our clients like Josh Loeske. Josh is the CEO and Owner of QSM, which provides high-quality infrastructure solutions for civil construction and municipal works projects… Read more »

GAGE excels with comprehensive offerings and exceptional service

  GAGE has been helping businesses communicate since 1980, evolving into the full-service telecommunications and IT services provider we are today. While we are working hard each day focused on providing customers with the very best products and services in our marketplace, sometimes we take it for granted that everyone knows about all of the… Read more »

GAGE Presents at TAG National Convention

At the 22nd Annual TAG Convention, GAGE’s own Chad Brouillette was given the opportunity to speak to the convention attendees about how to exceed customer expectations.  Exceeding what a customer expects fo you seems like an impossible task, but not with the proper steps. Chad explained the Business Review Process that GAGE goes through to… Read more »

Local Family Donates Christmas Lights to Baton Rouge General Medical Center

Jason Landry, Vice President of Gage Telephone Systems, along with his wife Karen announce the donation of their cherished Christmas light display to The Baton Rouge General Medical Center. The Landry’s annual Christmas display has been a highlight in the community for nearly 30 years. “We couldn’t have picked a better home for them. They… Read more »

Arctic Wolf & GAGE Conducted a Webinar Explaining the Risks of Cyber Attacks on Businesses

In case you missed it, Arctic Wolf and GAGE conducted a joint webinar explaining the risks of cyber attacks on businesses, big and small. What would happen to your business if you fell under a cyber attack? Do you have backups? Do you use cloud-based systems? Are you insured against cyber attacks? If you answered… Read more »

How Do You Know If It’s Time For An Equipment Upgrade?

yealink phone

  Technology is like the weather; it’s constantly changing. Knowing whether your equipment is up to date may not be apparent or top-of-mind. If you’re a GAGE customer with a premise-based phone system, your equipment is likely out-dated and possibly even discontinued. We want you to know that we’re migrating many of our customers to… Read more »

Summer Is Fading, But Fall Can Still Bring Extreme Heat.

Tips to stay safe and comfortable during hot days. Inflation has played quite a role in our economy. People are cutting corners everywhere. Scaling back on things at the grocery store, avoiding purchases at the mall and gas prices have been all over the place. However, there are ways to scale back and still enjoy… Read more »