Customer Stories

Providing our customers with the highest quality telecommunications and IT services goes beyond the best equipment and technology. We connect with our clients, become a valued resource, and build long-term relationships that elevate their business. Each connection is different, but the results are the same—satisfied clients using GAGE to connect with their own customers. Take a look at some of our most successful customer connections to see if you may benefit from our expertise. 

Benny’s Car Wash

Justin Alford, Owner

Locally owned and operated since 1951, Benny’s Car Wash enjoys working with other family-owned businesses like GAGE and appreciates the way we keep the company’s nine locations connected and working in harmony. But you may be surprised at what they believe they’re really buying from GAGE.


Aaron Keating, CIO & VP of Technology

Lipsey’s outgrew their original 2014 GAGE phone system and upgraded to a fully cloud-based platform that has taken their business to new heights. For them, it’s all about connectivity—connecting to GAGE on one end and connecting their service and capabilities to their customers on the other. One thing that pleasantly surprised their team was the ability to capture accurate sales reporting. Find out more about this game changer.

Chevron Renewable Energy Group

Brian Vincent, Network Engineer

Sometimes using a local provider just doesn’t work. That’s what Louisiana-based Chevron Renewable Energy Group learned when they tried partnering with a local company to serve their Illinois office. Chevron Renewable Energy Group called its own local provider and GAGE stepped up, rolled out a solution, and never looked back.


Josh Loeske, CEO/Owner

Innovative and cost-effective—just some of the qualities QSM appreciates about GAGE.



Kristen Hogan, Marketing Director

The YMCA is all about relationships and helping members reach their wellness goals. Now that GAGE has configured the Y’s phone system in the cloud, guess where it’s taken them?

Tim Stoll

Standby Generator Owner, Gage Customer

With Louisiana’s unpredictable electrical grid, you never know when the power is going to go out. For Tim Stoll, GAGE had the perfect solution.