How to Prepare Your Business for Hurricane Season

      With forecasters predicting the 2022 hurricane season to be one with above-normal activity, it’s time to ensure you have prepared your business to act quickly should you find yourself in the path of a storm. With these tips, you can keep not only your team but also your business operations safe and secure, with… Read more »

    How Gage Acts as A One-Stop Shop for Kenworth of Louisiana

      Kenworth of Louisiana is a full-service commercial truck dealership and service provider with seven locations across the state. Partnering with Gage for 14+ years, the two companies have continued to grow and evolve together. We sat down with the Gage team and Jude Becnel, Kenworth of Louisiana’s Vice President, to learn a little bit… Read more »

    Don’t Let Your IT Ops Fall Through the Cracks

    It’s pretty safe to say that if you have a business, then you have computers and information technology to keep your operations running. However, it may not be safe to say that you also have an outsourced, professional IT company to handle your cybersecurity and infrastructure management. While you may think that your tech-savvy team… Read more »

    What is A Cloud-Based Phone System and Why Should My Business Switch to It?

    Oftentimes, when you think about “the cloud,” it’s in reference to the photos or contacts you might back up from your smartphone. But what does it mean for your business communications operations? Cloud-based telephone systems, often referred to as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), allow you to make calls from any internet-connected device and to… Read more »

    4 Reasons Why Generator Maintenance Can’t Be Neglected

    Installing a standby generator in your home or business is one of the best things you can do to ensure you stay powered on during an outage. However, if your generator is not regularly maintained, then there’s no guarantee that it will work at full capacity when you need it most. Protecting your generator investment… Read more »

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