Protecting Patient Data With the Latest in Cybersecure Technology

    Recent studies show startling statistics in the healthcare industry’s ability to safeguard patient records. According to a 2020 study by Black Book Market Research, experts found that 82% of hospital CIOs in inpatient facilities under 150 staffed beds and 90% of practice administrators collectively, state they are not even close to spending an adequate amount… Read more »

    Go From “Survival Mode” To “Strategic Growth Mode”

    Most businesses within the first year are in ‘survival mode, meaning you are trying to get to the break-even point as soon as possible. However, you don’t want to stay in “survival” mode for years and years, let alone decades. Throw in a worldwide pandemic, and breaking free of the “survival” mode cycle can be… Read more »

    Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season

    Although Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June, you can still get prepared for what lies ahead. Being prepared well in advance not only brings peace of mind, it gives your confidence knowing that your valuables are protected. It’s no joke the devastation a natural disaster can bring. The most recent unexpected ice storms that… Read more »

    What The Future of Work-From-Home Could Look Like After COVID-19

    Gage has been preparing small to midsized business (SMB) owners on what to expect in the workplace, after the pandemic. With people working from home in droves, there is plenty of speculation as to where the modern business is headed in terms of remote staff, on-premise staff and hybrid staff. With some experts expecting the… Read more »

    Power Outage Tips for Small Businesses

    In Louisiana, we all know that power outages are very likely because of the frequent hurricanes that take place along our coasts and shorelines. According to Agility Recovery, 70 percent of businesses or organizations will face a power outage within the next 12 months. In today’s world, (almost) everything is reliant on electricity and many… Read more »

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