GAGE excels with comprehensive offerings and exceptional service


GAGE has been helping businesses communicate since 1980, evolving into the full-service telecommunications and IT services provider we are today. While we are working hard each day focused on providing customers with the very best products and services in our marketplace, sometimes we take it for granted that everyone knows about all of the many products and services we offer. The last thing we want to hear from a customer is, “Oh, I didn’t know you guys did that!” So, with that in mind, here’s an overview of our core offerings that can enhance your communications, increase profitability, and give you the competitive advantage you need for success.

Gage Cloud Voice

So much more than a phone system, Gage Cloud Voice is a cloud-based, carrier-class VoIP communications solution. What does that mean exactly? Well, Cloud Voice gives businesses the ability to be accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. This product links everyone in your company, allowing you to communicate more efficiently and effectively. Another important point is when you use Gage Cloud Voice, we actually become your phone carrier, so you don’t have to deal with the big phone companies that treat you like a number. With GAGE, you get treated like the individual you are.

My Cloud Messenger—Business Texting

As we all get flooded by emails, calls, and social media messages, texts continue as a real option to cut through the clutter and communicate with people. Gage’s My Cloud Messenger enables your business to connect with customers via SMS and MMS messaging using your business’ main phone number, a toll-free number or even employees’ numbers. Use My Cloud Messenger for sales and marketing promotions, appointment reminders, customer support, delivery scheduling and tracking, one-to-one customer interactions, and more. Best of all, it’s easy to set up and easy to use.

IT Services, Cybersecurity, and Infrastructure Management

That’s right, GAGE provides IT Services, too. Gage Insite gives you 24/7 peace of mind freeing you to focus on driving your business forward. We monitor your systems, protect against viruses, ensure backups are performing successfully, and more. We’ll catch (and fix) the little problems before they become big ones, in many cases before you’re even aware there’s an issue. In addition, we protect you from cyber-attacks that could bring your entire system grinding to a halt, which can cost you time and money. Don’t leave your IT to chance, trust a reliable partner like GAGE.

Cabling Services

Many businesses don’t consider the importance of setting up the cable and wiring in an office. However, Structured Cabling is the foundation on which all other business activities depend. When you properly design, install, and administer your cabling system like we do at GAGE, it reduces costs through each phase of its life cycle including: installation, moves, adds, changes, and maintenance.

Power Generators

If you’ve lived through a hurricane or natural disaster with an extended power outage, you know how disruptive that can be to your business. GAGE offers our customers top-of-the-line generators to fit your needs along with a team of experts to perform regular maintenance that safeguards this important investment and ensures it’s ready when you need it most. Already have a generator? Our dedicated, reliable professionals can perform maintenance on a commercial or residential standby generator from several trusted brands including Cummins, Generac, Kohler, and Briggs & Stratton.

So, if you’re a business looking for communication assistance from phone systems to IT services to generators, GAGE has everything you need, along with customer service that goes above and beyond expectations. Want to learn more about how we form special connections with our customers? Watch our client success stories. Each connection is different, but the results are the same—satisfied clients using GAGE to connect with their own customers. And if you have a question about any services we offer, don’t be afraid to ask. We look forward to assisting you!