The 5 Changing Trends of AI and Their Impact on the Workplace

As with any technology, GAGE aims to educate businesses on evolving AI trends and how to leverage them for profitable, safe, productive use. AI has dominated headlines because it will redefine, eliminate, or transform the vast majority of industries. As an IT expert, we are compelled to share its insights. As AI tools become ubiquitous in everyday work, companies must implement governance to minimize risks but implemented strategically, AI unlocks immense potential. 

Trend #1: Whether organizations are aware of it or not, employees are already using AI tools to perform their jobs. Estimates hover near two-thirds of employees. 

Many employees are already making AI tools part of their daily routine. The benefits of which are obvious; increased productivity, expanded creativity, and more efficient outcomes. However, there are also risks associated with supercharging their productivity through AI tools. For example, in industries that require strict confidentiality or compliance standards, AI can easily be misused by well-intentioned employees who upload sensitive documents to unsecured AI tools in order to help them work faster, unknowingly opening the company up to liability risks. 

Trend #2: The proliferation of AI tools is exposing companies to more unforeseen risks. 

A lawyer using AI for case briefings faced fines for compliance violations. Different regions have varied data protection policies; for instance, California has strict privacy laws, and New York mandates AI hiring regulations. Rapid AI development poses liability risks for companies, even for actions they aren’t aware of. However, AI also offers solutions to reduce liability, such as AI-Compliance Checker tools in regulated industries like insurance. AI is increasingly accepted in fields like cybersecurity for preemptive protection against human error, such as phishing scams. This acceptance will likely grow as AI proves its ability to safeguard companies.

Trend #3: Smarter Intent. 

AI is evolving beyond processing text requests to understanding implied meanings and goals. Google’s Gemini exemplifies this multimodal AI capability. For instance, if a user asks to remove the background from an image, the AI can infer that they’re creating a logo for their software business. It can then suggest domain availability, assist in website building, and even recommend strategic partners. As AI becomes smarter, users rely less on generating prompts, unlocking greater potential.

Trend #4: More Fluid Collaboration Between Various AI Tools. 

AI models are now collaborating more effectively, transcending their previous limitations. Previously, they operated within their own capabilities, such as text-based or photo-based outputs. However, they are now starting to work together, resulting in a true “assistant” that can tackle complex problems akin to human experts. For instance, during surgery, AI could analyze images, search databases, and alert surgeons to abnormalities. This level of interoperability was a major obstacle to AI’s growth but is now accelerating its capabilities.

Trend #5: Explosive Growth When Startups Capitalize on Opportunities. 

Hundreds of startups will provide specialized AI solutions for various industries in the coming years. While some will deliver significant value, others will fade quickly. Business owners require access to vetted vendors for reliability and trustworthiness, as AI tools are only as dependable as their creators.

Jason Landry, VP of Sales of GAGE, commented on these trends and said, “The key is governance – establishing rules, monitoring enforcement, and course-correcting. We partner with clients for safe, strategic AI adoption that is focused on increasing their profitability. When it comes to AI, the gains for productivity and efficiency are immense, but so are the threats if not properly managed. As an IT expert for many years, we look forward to guiding companies through their AI journey.”

If you or your business have any questions regarding AI and its potential impact on your operations, please don’t hesitate to reach out to GAGE today. We’re here to assist you in navigating the transformative world of artificial intelligence.