Summer Is Fading, But Fall Can Still Bring Extreme Heat.

Tips to stay safe and comfortable during hot days.

Inflation has played quite a role in our economy. People are cutting corners everywhere. Scaling back on things at the grocery store, avoiding purchases at the mall and gas prices have been all over the place. However, there are ways to scale back and still enjoy your home when the late heat hits. Here are a few tips to stay comfortable.

  1. If you have windows that receive morning and afternoon sun, cover them with shades, drapes or awnings. 
  2. If you have a window air conditioning unit, ensure it’s installed snugly and insulated to protect against leaks.
  3. Keep your windows and doors closed as much as possible during high heat.
  4. Do your best to avoid using major appliances during warm days. Appliances like clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers and stoves add heat to your home. Instead, run them at night and consider drying your clothes outside. 
  5. Check your doors and windows and look for leaks. By air sealing with weatherstripping and caulk, you can cut down drastically on your energy bill.
  6. Prepare cool, light meals, and avoid cooking food.
  7. Obviously, the last thing you want is a hot shower. Having a cool shower or bath will keep your temperature down and will not add more unnecessary heat to your home.
  8. Stay inside as much as possible, but if you find it still unbearable, visit a local library or public building if you don’t have an air conditioner.
  9. Although fans don’t prevent heat-related illnesses, drinking plenty of water and using a fan will make you feel better.
  10. If the power should go out due to the extreme heat, make sure you keep cool by having a generator installed and make sure it is maintained. 

When these extreme days come, please check in on your neighbors, family and friends to ensure they are okay. It’s also important your furry friends have plenty of water and a place to find refuge. Though the kids are back in school and fall is here, when these hot days come, follow these tips. If you need a generator or maintenance on a generator, please give Gage a call.