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How Do You Know If It’s Time For An Equipment Upgrade?

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Technology is like the weather; it’s constantly changing. Knowing whether your equipment is up to date may not be apparent or top-of-mind. If you’re a GAGE customer with a premise-based phone system, your equipment is likely out-dated and possibly even discontinued. We want you to know that we’re migrating many of our customers to our cloud-based phone system (VoIP): Gage Cloud Voice in order to continue providing the best service possible. 

Parts for older phone systems are difficult to find and are likely way past their life span, which is why we’re recommending making the switch now. Not only will Gage Cloud Voice supply the latest equipment, you will be able to take advantage of many advanced features this new technology offers. 

Below are some frequently asked questions:

  • Can I keep using my current phone system? – YES, however, our ability to replace equipment or repair the system is greatly diminished.
  • Can GAGE still get parts? – YES, but it’s becoming more expensive to service and difficult to maintain. Processors, power supplies, and desk phones are the most common parts that need replacement.
  • If parts are still available, should we keep it? -You can, but it’s important to understand our limited ability to remedy issues in a timely manner.

Can I get more advanced features or an upgrade? – Not with your current phone system. The move to VoIP is an upgrade within itself and robust features are readily available on this platform.

You have our commitment to make every effort to support your current phone system. The world of technology has been changing rapidly in recent years, and we stand ready to help. We understand how important technology is to our customers and if it’s not improving your bottom line, or giving you a competitive advantage, then it is not worth investing. 

The time is now for an equipment upgrade. For more information or a budgetary proposal for GAGE Cloud Voice, please contact us at 225.753.4243 or visit Gage.Cloud

What are Your Business Telephone System Options in 2019?

Business Telephone System Options in 2019


With all the options available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to deciding on a telephone system for your work environment. And if you already have one, why would you make a change? Many established companies have had the same telephone system for years, and they believe that if their system isn’t broken or giving them any trouble, then there is no need to invest in a newer system. Telephony has changed greatly over the years, and there are many more options today when it comes to business communication systems, so we’re here to help you navigate the options and determine which one fits your business best. At the end of the day, the right solution will be an asset to your company with more features, more innovation, and more productivity at your fingertips.


Cloud-Based Phone Systems

The newest option on the block, cloud-based communications solutions are hosted in the cloud and delivered through the Internet, replacing traditional landlines. They often involve an easy set-up, and could even mean a cost-savings over your traditional landline. But that’s not all they can do! Switching to a hosted telephone system for your business essentially gives your team the ability to be accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device with productivity and business continuity features like call forwarding, visual voicemail, and business SMS.


  • A feature-rich business phone system that can increase productivity, collaboration, and connectivity for your team.
  • Scalability! Hosted phone systems are easy to personalize and right-size your features, so you can truly pay for what you need.
  • Minimal on-site equipment required.
  • No need to pay for traditional phone lines.


  • Connection and call quality are reliant on a strong Internet connection.
  • Like with all new technology, there is a bit of a learning curve to understand how to best utilize all the features.
  • Do-it-Yourself solutions don’t provide the quality installation and service of a local professional.


What We Offer:

GAGE Cloud Voice is more than a phone system – it’s a cloud-based, feature-rich carrier-class communications solution. You can now take advantage of integrated mobility and collaboration tools without the cost of maintaining expensive on-site equipment.  With no system to install, it’s easy to add seats or functionality on-demand. Unlike out-of-the-box Cloud systems, our experienced team will help you build the system you need. And, just like everything we do, you can count on expert installation, thorough training, and local personal service that doesn’t end at setup.


Traditional On-Premise Phone Systems

The traditional “on-premise” phone system requires both hardware (a PBX, or Private Branch Exchange) and software within the business building to connect your devices and internal lines to external phone lines. It requires a connection via telephone line, whether digital or analog.  


  • Does not require an Internet connection.
  • Because you invest in the system up front, you own all of the hardware.
  • Have standard features like voicemail, call waiting, and conference calling.


  • Often have a large up-front cost to set up and is more complicated to properly plan infrastructure.
  • Lacks many of the productivity features of newer phone systems, and setup is less flexible as your business changes.
  • Can present a business-continuity problem in the event of power loss or equipment failure.


What We Offer:

GAGE continues to provide digital and IP-based on-premise phone systems with the service you expect. With the ability to support a mix of IP, digital and analog phones, our platform is ideal for organizations that want to keep using a traditional phone system and evolve to IP in phases. We offer flexible plans, and our professional team works with you to design the on-premise system that works best for you.



If neither of the above systems seems to meet your needs, SIP might be for you. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) uses both your IP network and your existing PBX to connect your calls and more, making multimedia communications possible. While you may have heard of VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, SIP is a complete communication system that allows you to transmit voice, data or video content across your IP connection. This can often be a great solution if you’ve already invested in an on-premise system but are looking for more features and flexibility like what the cloud offers.


  • Uses your IP network, so no analog phone line is needed.
  • Potential for improved cost savings.
  • Often no need to invest in a new system.
  • More features and flexibility built in.
  • More predictable costs than the traditional phone bill.


  • Like the Cloud, SIP is also reliant on a strong Internet connection.
  • Also like the Cloud, there are lots of DIY systems available that may sound easy to set up but lack the customer service and troubleshooting support of a local service provider.


What We Offer:

GAGE SIP offers lower costs and future-proof flexibility for your business communications. You’ll get the dependable quality of a traditional connection plus a unique set of features for productivity, business continuity, and more. And the dedicated team at GAGE will work with you to design, install and maintain the system you need, all with the exceptional customer service you’ve come to depend on from us.




Although there are many options when it comes to business telephone systems, our team at GAGE wants to make it easy for you. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and that’s why we work with you to understand your business. We will assess your needs and right-size a phone system that works for you. In addition to top-notch solutions, we pride ourselves on superior customer service. We are dedicated to helping you stay connected, so if your business is on, so are we! Contact us or give us a call to find the right solution for your business.


What Is Accession Unified Communications?

Cloud Based Technology

What is Accession Unified Communications by Gage Telephone?

It’s no longer enough to have a business communications system only for voice calls from a desk phone. Modern businesses need to communicate over multiple channels – voice, video, email and messaging.

Not only that – they also need them to be integrated and accessible anytime and from any device – desktop PC, laptop or smartphone. That’s a tall order, but one that’s made easy with our cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution – just one of the many offerings under our Gage Cloud Voice services. We take care of the details for you, and it’s easy to get started with a unified communications system:

// No upfront costs for hardware and software
// No extra cost for upgrades or enhancements
// Scales with your company as it grows
// Predictable subscription-based pricing


Empower Your Always-On Workforce

// Unify Your Communications

Integrate voice, video, presence, instant messaging and email into a single platform with Accession Communicator for desktop or mobile devices.

// Enable Employees Wherever They Are

Supporting a distributed workforce is easy with our cloud-based platform. Employees can connect wherever they are with any Internet-enabled device.

// Bring Your Own Devices

With our service, your employees can use their own desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, laptops or other mobile devices to access our cloud-based solution.

// Get Uninterrupted Access

Access all the capabilities of our UCaaS platform anywhere, anytime. In the event of a power outage or natural disaster, calls can be forwarded to any phone.

// Extend the Office Phone

Twin your office phone features like dialing plans, outgoing caller ID and ACD hunt groups on smartphones, tablets, laptops or other mobile devices.

// Manage Your UC Experience

Easily manage business telephony features, call routing, contacts, messages, user profiles and more with our intuitive UC interface.


Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Access powerful communications features whether you’re working from the office, home or on the road. Accession Communicator is a user-downloadable application that extends UC capabilities to desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones. It’s the ideal solution for our Gage Cloud Voice customers that have remote and mobile workers – especially those that bring their own devices.


  • Calling features, dial plans and outgoing caller ID available on users’ office phones
  • Wi-Fi, 3G/4G or wired connections
  • Access to the corporate contacts directory
  • Instant messaging (IM) and presence
  • Click to call, chat or conference
  • Point-to-point video for video-enabled devices
  • Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android operating systems
  • SILK audio codec for high-quality voice
Accession Communicator Mobile Dashboard by Gage Telephone



Control Incoming Calls

Set home of office call presence and preferences from wherever you are to guarantee important calls reach you and others go to voice mail.

Seamless In-Call Transfer

Using Accession Communications, users can transfer active calls from mobile to desktop without interrupting the call.

Unify Messaging

Get a single interface for wireline and wireless messages, with alert to new messages on any line.

Visual Voice Mail

With an optional speech-to-text transcription service, users can not only listen to voice mail, they can read it, too.

Centralize Contacts

Accession Communicator integrates contacts from various sources like email or .csv files, so users can find them all in one place.

Business SMS

Easily send and receive 1:1 text messages between business Direct Inward Dial (DID) phone numbers and SMS-enabled devices.

Synchronized Instant Messaging

1:1 and group instant messages (and SMS if enabled) are synced between desktop and mobile clients.

Access Web & Video Conferencing

Access optional Accession Meeting for video and web collaboration either scheduled or uplifted from an Accession call or IM in progress.


GAGE is a full-service telecommunications and IT services company that has helped businesses since 1980. Founded in Baton Rouge, the company’s original mission continues today, which is to provide the very best products and services that enable its clients to increase their profitability, obtain a competitive advantage, and improve employee productivity. Gage has served the Louisiana business community for nearly 40 years through a culture of striving towards excellence and unparalleled commitment to customer service.
Gage works with companies of all sizes with business phone systems, computer networks, managed IT services, structured cabling and standby generators. The company conducts a complete needs analysis to ensure that each customer implements the right technology to meet their needs now and into the future. Gage has been recognized with numerous industry awards and has become one of the region’s leading technology services companies.

For more information on Gage, please call (225) 753-4243 or visit www.gagetelephone.com/contact-us

The 5 C’s of Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Cloud Based Technology


What exactly is a “cloud-based” phone system? Is it the same as VoIP? Is everything in the cloud these days? If you own a business, you may be asking yourself these questions, as more and more services migrate to the ubiquitous cloud. How is the cloud changing telephones as we know them, and what does this mean for communication and voice services for your business?

Many people call it VoIP, or “Voice Over Internet Protocol,” which stands for a service that uses the internet to make calls as well as store data in an offsite server, or “the cloud.”

At GAGE, we call this service GAGE Cloud Voice, and the beauty of cloud-based communication is that it gives your business the ability to be accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. In today’s fast-paced world of instant-gratification, being able to access your customers whenever, wherever is critical. Many cloud-based services also have integrated mobility and collaboration tools for your team that make working together easier than ever. When everything works together like this, you can communicate more effectively and efficiently. And if you’re still not convinced, here are 5 of the top reasons to consider moving your communication to the cloud:

// Collaboration

Cloud-based voice makes collaborating with your team easy, wherever they are. While something like forwarding a call might typically cause confusion, it’s easy to handle on the fly with cloud-based voice. And when something unexpected happens that keeps you away from your office, like severe weather, you can easily re-route your calls to go to your cell phone, or connect with instant messaging or video conferencing without missing a beat.

// Customer Service

With cloud technology in place, your team can use enterprise-class features like CRM data integration and voicemail-to-email to keep everyone and everything connected in their sales pipeline. And once they’ve closed the deal, cloud-based voice makes it that much easier to keep in touch and be available for customers when they need it most.

// Cost

Cloud-based voice runs on far less equipment than on-premise phone systems, and expert installation, thorough training, and software that’s easy to update keeps you up and running with the latest features. And with so many customizations available, you can build a phone system to meet your needs, instead of paying for unnecessary bells and whistles. Add or remove services easily as your business requirements change.

// Convenience

With all this easy access to communication, you can do everything quicker and more efficiently, boosting productivity. When it’s easy for your team to do their work, everybody wins.

// Clarity

Cloud Voice does everything you’d expect from a phone, and so much more. When communication is clear and easy, everything else can fall into place. Don’t let an outdated communication system get in the way of communicating with your team or your customers. Cloud-based voice services are easy to use, intuitive, and customizable for your needs.

With features like that, it’s clear to see how a cloud-based voice system could help boost communication for your business, both internally and externally. Want to learn more? Contact us today and let us show you how to get the most from the cloud for your business.