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Business Continuity Tips During Hurricane Season

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While safety is everyone’s #1 concern during a hurricane, we also understand the importance of business continuity before, during and after the storm. Business down time can be devastating to Small- or Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs). Here are some tips to make sure you are prepared to get your business operations back up and running in the event of a natural disaster.


// Have a Tested Plan.

The first step is to make sure you have a well defined Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) in place. If you have an in-house IT team, or an external managed service provider, you may already have this in place. However, don’t wait until hurricane season to make sure, and test your plan regularly, as things change often in business. Run a mock disaster recovery test to assess your plan in action, identify any weakness or kinks, and make adjustments before a problem arises. A solid DRP will include a list of your critical business functions with an analysis of your processes and recovery plans for each, as well as a recovery time objective.


// Protect Your Assets – Physical or Digital.

Take a good look at your office and make sure you’ve considered the potential damages a hurricane can bring. Turn off and unplug computers and equipment if possible and raise things from the floors wherever possible in case of flooding. Power outages are often inevitable during a hurricane – make sure your data is protected and backed up, as well as accessible by your off-site team if you need to get up and running and don’t have access to your office. If it’s critical for your businesses to remain operational, maintain temperature control, or you just want to protect your assets in the event of an extended power outage, you should consider installing a standby generator. Finally, it’s a good time to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage to protect your assets.


// Enable Your Team For Remote Work.

Once the storm has cleared, or even in the days leading up to a storm, you’ll want to make sure your team is able to work remote if necessary. Whether your office is inaccessible, or your team just needs to be home with their families, you can enable them to work from home as necessary by making sure files are accessible, there is a point person assigned for critical projects, and all employees have the tools and methods in place for ongoing communication. Many SMBs will provide their employees with laptops, cell phones and a mobile hotspot to make sure they have what they need to get back up and running remotely. 


// Establish a Communication Plan.

Make sure your team knows who to contact and establish a point person for critical projects. Another thing that’s often overlooked is making sure you have your team’s personal contact details up to date. Communicate with your customers and vendors as well if there is critical information they need to know or downtime you are anticipating. 


// Utilize Your Cloud VoIP Capabilities.

This scenario is exactly what a cloud voice communication system is made for. Maximize your unified communication tools to help with business continuity. Ensure customers can continue to reach you as necessary by forwarding your calls to cellular devices, keep team members in communication with tools like instant messaging and video conferencing, and more. Your system may do more than you know – get in touch with your provider to understand your system’s capabilities, or maybe it’s time to consider upgrading to a new system that allows you to facilitate communication in the event of a disaster. 



Our Gage Cloud Voice platform is truly the last phone system you’ll ever need. More than just a phone system, Gage Cloud Voice a cloud based, carrier-class complete VoIP communications solution that gives business the ability to be accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device, precisely for scenarios like disaster recovery after a hurricane. In addition, we offer a complete suite of fully managed IT services with our Insite program that will assist with backups, security monitoring, disaster recovery, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation.

What Is Accession Unified Communications?


What is Accession Unified Communications by Gage Telephone?

It’s no longer enough to have a business communications system only for voice calls from a desk phone. Modern businesses need to communicate over multiple channels – voice, video, email and messaging.

Not only that – they also need them to be integrated and accessible anytime and from any device – desktop PC, laptop or smartphone. That’s a tall order, but one that’s made easy with our cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution – just one of the many offerings under our Gage Cloud Voice services. We take care of the details for you, and it’s easy to get started with a unified communications system:

// No upfront costs for hardware and software
// No extra cost for upgrades or enhancements
// Scales with your company as it grows
// Predictable subscription-based pricing


Empower Your Always-On Workforce

// Unify Your Communications

Integrate voice, video, presence, instant messaging and email into a single platform with Accession Communicator for desktop or mobile devices.

// Enable Employees Wherever They Are

Supporting a distributed workforce is easy with our cloud-based platform. Employees can connect wherever they are with any Internet-enabled device.

// Bring Your Own Devices

With our service, your employees can use their own desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, laptops or other mobile devices to access our cloud-based solution.

// Get Uninterrupted Access

Access all the capabilities of our UCaaS platform anywhere, anytime. In the event of a power outage or natural disaster, calls can be forwarded to any phone.

// Extend the Office Phone

Twin your office phone features like dialing plans, outgoing caller ID and ACD hunt groups on smartphones, tablets, laptops or other mobile devices.

// Manage Your UC Experience

Easily manage business telephony features, call routing, contacts, messages, user profiles and more with our intuitive UC interface.


Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Access powerful communications features whether you’re working from the office, home or on the road. Accession Communicator is a user-downloadable application that extends UC capabilities to desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones. It’s the ideal solution for our Gage Cloud Voice customers that have remote and mobile workers – especially those that bring their own devices.


  • Calling features, dial plans and outgoing caller ID available on users’ office phones
  • Wi-Fi, 3G/4G or wired connections
  • Access to the corporate contacts directory
  • Instant messaging (IM) and presence
  • Click to call, chat or conference
  • Point-to-point video for video-enabled devices
  • Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android operating systems
  • SILK audio codec for high-quality voice
Accession Communicator Mobile Dashboard by Gage Telephone



Control Incoming Calls

Set home of office call presence and preferences from wherever you are to guarantee important calls reach you and others go to voice mail.

Seamless In-Call Transfer

Using Accession Communications, users can transfer active calls from mobile to desktop without interrupting the call.

Unify Messaging

Get a single interface for wireline and wireless messages, with alert to new messages on any line.

Visual Voice Mail

With an optional speech-to-text transcription service, users can not only listen to voice mail, they can read it, too.

Centralize Contacts

Accession Communicator integrates contacts from various sources like email or .csv files, so users can find them all in one place.

Business SMS

Easily send and receive 1:1 text messages between business Direct Inward Dial (DID) phone numbers and SMS-enabled devices.

Synchronized Instant Messaging

1:1 and group instant messages (and SMS if enabled) are synced between desktop and mobile clients.

Access Web & Video Conferencing

Access optional Accession Meeting for video and web collaboration either scheduled or uplifted from an Accession call or IM in progress.


GAGE is a full-service telecommunications and IT services company that has helped businesses since 1980. Founded in Baton Rouge, the company’s original mission continues today, which is to provide the very best products and services that enable its clients to increase their profitability, obtain a competitive advantage, and improve employee productivity. Gage has served the Louisiana business community for nearly 40 years through a culture of striving towards excellence and unparalleled commitment to customer service.
Gage works with companies of all sizes with business phone systems, computer networks, managed IT services, structured cabling and standby generators. The company conducts a complete needs analysis to ensure that each customer implements the right technology to meet their needs now and into the future. Gage has been recognized with numerous industry awards and has become one of the region’s leading technology services companies.

For more information on Gage, please call (225) 753-4243 or visit www.gagetelephone.com/contact-us

GAGE Acquires GenTech Power Solutions

(April 30, 2018 – Baton Rouge, LA) Baton Rouge-based GAGE announced the acquisition of GenTech Power Solutions, which provides installation, maintenance and repair of standby generators for homes and businesses across southeast Louisiana featuring such brands as Briggs & Stratton, Cummins and Generac. GAGE added standby generators to their services in 2010 to support disaster recovery and business continuity for its customers, and is an Authorized Partner of Cummins Power Generation commercial and residential standby generators.

“We saw the opportunity to bring the GAGE brand of services to an already outstanding group of customers built by GenTech,” said GAGE Vice President, Greg Wood. “GAGE and GenTech are established businesses providing similar services and both companies are very focused on delivering the highest quality customer experience, which makes this move a perfect fit.”

“GAGE is a reputable company with high standards of customer service and I wouldn’t have considered anything less for my customers,” stated GenTech Power Solutions Owner, Clifton Collins.

A full-service telecommunications and IT services company, GAGE has served the Louisiana business community since 1980.  GAGE provides companies of all sizes with business phone systems, computer networks, managed IT services, structured cabling and standby generators all based on the client’s specific needs now and into the future.  GAGE has been recognized with numerous industry awards and is one of the region’s leading technology services companies. For more information on GAGE, visit   www.gagetelephone.com

Never lose power.

Gage Standby Power Generator Services - Baton Rouge, LA

A power outage can cause huge financial losses for your business and major inconveniences at home… unless you’re prepared. A standby generator ensures that your power will stay on constantly — no matter what.

Business Continuity – A power blackout doesn’t have to put you in the red. Your business can go uninterrupted during inclement weather, power outages and just about anything else. Imagine what that can mean for your company. No need to worry about losing server access, halting projects, or missing out on new business. A standby generator provides redundant power that benefits both you and your clients.

Residential Peace of Mind – Even when the power goes out, life can still go on. A power outage at home could mean major financial loss. It can take away your comfort, create unsafe situations and even impact a medical situation. Protect your family and household with the reliable, continuous power of a standby generator.

Gage is an Authorized Dealer of Cummins commercial and residential standby generators, providing a permanent power solution for your home or business. Schedule an appointment with a Gage representative today to develop a custom solution tailored for you.