The Top IT Threats to Small Businesses and How to Deal With Them

Top IT Threats to Small Businesses

Regardless of your industry, small businesses around the world are dealing with very similar IT problems. There are many obstacles and challenges business owners must overcome in order to remain operational, secure and successful. In smaller organizations, we know that you may not have an in-house IT specialist, and that can present unique challenges. We’re… Read more »

Stay Better Connected With GAGE

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Since 1980, GAGE has designed, implemented and serviced business communication systems ranging in size from a few phones to hundreds of interconnected devices. Through the years, our service lines have also grown to include managed IT, cabling, and standby backup power. As a family-owned business, our diversified culture and connection to each other have laid… Read more »

The 3 Best Practices for Email Phishing Attacks

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  Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers. According to PhishMe research, “91% of the time, phishing emails are behind successful cyber attacks.” The overwhelming majority of security breaches caused by phishing… Read more »

4 Things that Set Cummins Generators Apart

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GAGE is proud to offer a product line like Cummins that provides efficient, fully-integrated power generation systems built for reliability in uncertain circumstances. From homes to office buildings and medical facilities, their power generation products inspire confidence and keep the lights on. What sets Cummins generators apart?   // Fuel Consumption Cummins fuel consumption beats other… Read more »