Robocall Blocking: Everything You Should Know

Have you or your employees been receiving unknown or spammy phone calls? You are not alone! These robocalls are more common than you think and are affecting people nationwide. In 2017, the FCC passed regulations that allow phone companies (like us) to proactively block illegal Robocalls. The Robocall Blocking Service from Gage Cloud Voice works to provide protection of our subscribers from unwanted calls, whether they are robocalls, spam, nuisance, fraudulent calls, political campaigns, charities, or telemarketers by intelligently blocking the call before it ever reaches the end customer. Read on to learn more about Robocall blocking and what GAGE can do to help you. 


What is Robocall Blocking?

Robocall Blocking automatically prevents unwanted robocalls so they don’t ever reach the customer’s phone. It does this by gathering data from other carriers and our own systems and then actively blocking those numbers that have been identified as unwanted.

We use industry-leading third parties to provide “reputation data” on calling party numbers. Their databases are constantly updating in real-time based on a number of information streams (including publicly available lists, real-time calling patterns, and user reports of unwanted calling party numbers), and can react within minutes of a new unwanted calling party number starting to be used.

Based on that reputation data, the SIP application server makes a determination of whether to reject the call on behalf of the called subscriber, or allow it to continue as normal. If it is rejected, a short rejection announcement is played to the caller. If our subscribers also have voicemail services the caller will then be sent to voicemail (so that in the unlikely event a genuine caller has been misidentified as unwanted they have the opportunity to leave a message, but in the typical case of an automated robocall then no message will be left).


The Service Basics

This service can be activated on one, some, or all of the Gage provided numbers for any customer. FCC regulations require that the service has to be opted-in by the end customer. The service is either on or off, there is no configuration available and this is NOT a service that allows the customer to make changes to the calling number database.



Our Gage Cloud Voice platform offers the best solutions to stop unwanted calls in their tracks. This is just one of the many capabilities our cloud system can do. Let us take care of the details so you can focus on your business. Read More about how we can meet all of your communication needs, or contact us today to schedule a consultation.