Cutting-Edge IT Trends to Look For In 2020

As technology continues to expand beyond our wildest imaginations, there remains a singular focus when it comes to its development: human experience. At its core, technological improvements sprout from a very human desire to protect ourselves and our information, to experience the world through a new perspective and most importantly, to enhance communication across offices, countries and oceans. 

With this perspective in mind, we’ve put together some of the most cutting-edge and pivotal IT trends for the coming year in order to keep you and your business prepared for what’s ahead in the world of technology and communication.



The global adoption of this new mobile network generation is highly anticipated in the coming year, and, while its faster connection is certainly a plus, 5G is taking a novel approach to change the tech landscape. 

Along with the natural evolution from its predecessor, 5G at its core is meant to enhance mobile broadband communications, massive machine-type communications and ultra-low latency communications. In other words, this highly-flexible network – according to Atos – is expected to be able to deliver the wireless capacity needed for streaming eight million 3D videos, well-connected video conferencing and so much more. What’s more, 5G will cut network latency to around 10 milliseconds end-to-end and is projected to save up to 90% energy. 

Of course, a new type of network will require new types of hardware. That’s where Gage comes in. We’ll help you determine what hardware you’ll be able to keep and what you’ll have to replace to accommodate the new 5G capacity, so your business will be ready to handle the 4G to 5G switch with ease.



Enabling blockchain technology provides both you and your clients with a transparent, secure way to store records of all kinds while removing the need to involve a third party. Blockchain has no single point of failure; it acts as a point of access between peers and has a variety of access parameters.

Blockchain can be used to record and store all manner of confidential data, including payment, bookkeeping and cryptocurrency information as well as intellectual property, health care information and supply chain authentication. 

According to Atos, companies should experiment cautiously with blockchain, identifying advantageous use cases. If a use case implies a group of users with a common goal, including a need to store global information, and there is a lack of trust between these users (no one is certain that another user is not going to change data afterward to his benefit), then blockchain is a good candidate.

Integrating blockchain alongside Gage’s Insite IT management suite is an excellent way to even further the protection provided to your business and your customers, providing all your day-to-day operations with a sort of tech security blanket.


Voice over Internet Protocol

This next system is already very familiar to the Gage team. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of our primary services in the form of Gage Cloud Voice. By utilizing the cloud, our VoIP system provides remote access to your business anytime, anywhere and on any device with a plethora of carrier-class mobility and collaboration features. 

VoIP provides advanced security and high-quality calls, without requiring a complicated or costly set-up. Gage Cloud Voice goes the extra mile by giving you a variety of options to personalize your service to exactly what your business needs. Whether it’s call recording or web and video collaboration, adding any of these to our 70+ standard features and always-at-your-side customer support will help extend your office to wherever you go.


Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)

With the myriad of security breaches in digital databases, it’s no surprise that technology surrounding user security has become a primary focus for developers across the board. More than just password management, utilizing PETs in your daily business is now becoming a crucial part of creating and sustaining trusting relationships with both clients and employees. 

Through the use of various PETs, individuals are able to exchange personal data through digital platforms with peace-of-mind while companies can still implement data monetization business models that comply with continually-improving data protection legislation. Atos notes that the PETs like ‘pseudonymization’ and ‘data minimization’ will mold themselves to fit government regulations right out of the box. 

What’s changing most about PETs is not only how they’re used, but when they’re used. The majority of PETs are applied only after a major security breach occurs. With this coming push in regulations as well as the constantly-growing concern for online privacy, PETs are now becoming part of any base system set-up.



As the business world continues to digitally expand, Gage knows how important it is that our clients don’t get passed up by progress. We are right by your side, learning and adapting to join tech leaders across the business world. In the end, technology is only as good as the people who take care of it, which is why Gage puts our customers at the forefront of all that we do. 

At Gage, communication is our personal business. Let us help you make it yours. Check out our services and see how we can help you. We’re available 24/7 to support you and your business.