Why move your phone system to the cloud? Here are five good reasons.

All you need is an Internet connection to implement a cloud-based phone system. Many companies, both small and large, are moving their business telephone and other systems off site and into the cloud—in our case, Gage Cloud Voice.

There are many reasons to move your system to the cloud, but as a business owner, here are five good reasons:

  1.     Reduce Capital Expenditures – You don’t need a significant outlay of money to go to the cloud. Traditionally, a business would have a huge upfront cost for an on-site phone system. With the cloud, you could have little to no upfront expenditures, and have the services bundled into a monthly operating expense. You will also reduce the expense of maintaining an on-site system. This will also allow you to budget for future growth!
  2.     Improve Productivity and Mobility – You no longer need to be tethered to your desk phone. The cloud lets you conduct business on your smartphone, tablet or laptop – anywhere the Internet is available. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, or a Windows or Apple OS computer, you make and take calls with your work number, access contacts and share files.
  3.     Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery – A cloud-based solution relies on the Internet, but if that Internet goes down, there are geo-redundant data centers in place to keep your business running. Calls may be automatically re-routed to an automated attendant, cell phone, etc.  This scenario can be set up beforehand or easily managed “on the fly” from an easy-to-use customer admin portal. Business as usual!
  4.     Avoid Technology Obsolescence – With no onsite PBX to manage and maintain, you get the added benefit of evergreen technology. It’s like when you purchase an app on your phone; you are constantly getting up-to-date versions with the most current information. The cloud has the same principal, providing customers with new features for their systems, improving services as time goes on and keeping the price the same.
  5.     Scalability – The cloud offers a scalable system that can handle multiple employees and locations. No need for expensive network equipment to “tie systems together,” the system can function as ONE. You can scale up and add users or scale back depending on your needs. To expand, you are not limited to a piece of hardware, where often an equipment expansion or upgrade may be necessary on a traditional on-site system.

Find out how your business can move to the cloud with Gage Cloud Voice!