Powerful Capabilities for Your Business

The traditional, on-premise phone system gives your business powerful IP capabilities, allowing you to communicate when and where you need to. With the ability to support a mix of IP, digital and analog phones, our platform is ideal for organizations that want to keep using the existing digital phones as long as possible and evolve to IP in phases.

Your phone system is one of your biggest assets, with the power to attract customers, enhance the image projected to your customers, save money, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. GAGE phone systems are designed to drive business process integration and unified communications to create value, efficiency, and maximize your return on investment. This is why so many leading companies choose GAGE!

Key Features

  • Integrated Voice Mail
  • Mobile/Smartphone Integration
  • Desktop Call Control
  • Call Center Capabilities
  • Overhead Paging

Complete Call Control

A full range of basic and advanced call processing features, including Caller ID, hold, transfer,

pick-up, speed dial, conference, call accounting and hundreds of other phone features.

Unified Messaging

Standard voice mail and auto attendant features, voice mail access from an email inbox, message notifications, soft key navigation of mailbox menus and the Follow Me feature for flexible call control.

Mobility and Unified Communications

Convenient call management, presence, instant messaging, consolidated call and IM history and much more from multiple device types, including smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Conferencing and Collaboration

Built-in meet-me conferencing for on-demand or scheduled conferences with collaborative desktop and application sharing.