Harness the Power of Flexible Connections

A Better Connection for Your Business Communications

Picking a business communications system can be a challenge. As soon as it’s installed, your organization’s outgrown it or new, must-have capabilities come to market. It’s hard to keep up. We deliver a carrier-class communications solution as a service from the cloud.

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// right-size your costs

GAGE SIP is a future-proof solution that expands in lockstep with your business. Unlike traditional PRI connections, our service lets you buy exactly the number of call paths you need, so you can right-size your costs

// leverage your existing phone system

Our GAGE SIP service is compatible with your existing phone system. No need to add or replace your existing phone equipment.

// easily upgrade to Cloud Solutions

GAGE SIP preserves your existing phone system while easing a future upgrade to our hosted Gage Cloud Voice platform.

// quickly scale your call capacity

With traditional PRIs, adding capacity takes time because physical connections must be installed. Our GAGE SIP service can be increased to any capacity that the IP connection will support within hours or less if needed.

// ensure business continuity

In the event of a emergency or when all lines are busy, GAGE SIP allows you to immediately and easily reroute traffic to another location or phone number, so you never miss a call.

// get unlimited calling with predictable costs

With GAGE SIP, you get predictable monthly costs and unlimited local and long distance calling. Plus, we offer competitive international rates when needed.

GAGE SIP // Less Cost, More Flexibility

Often the tradeoff for lower-cost services is reduced functionality. Not with our GAGE SIP service, you get the quality of
a traditional connection plus a unique set of features. That’s because SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) supports voice calls, conference calls, multimedia and more. Plus, SIP transmits call-related info, such as caller ID, enabling enhanced functionality.

// keep your phone numbers

Keep the phone numbers your customers know even if you move to a new area code.

// understand your usage

Monitor your capacity patterns and usage so you can adjust capacities to your changing needs.

// stay connected to E911

Get complete support for both 911 calling and Enhanced 911 (E911), so you can access emergency services.

// ensure business continuity

Calls to your main number, and every DID can be forwarded to another location, mobile numbers, an answering service or voice mail in the event of power loss or Internet failure.

// forward calls when busy

Send calls to alternate numbers when your phone system can’t be reached because all lines are busy.

// multisite GAGE SIP rollover

Calls to GAGE SIP can overflow from one location to another, maximizing capacity across your organization.

// route calls between locations

We offer flexible geographical routing and call balancingbetween your locations.

// record your calls

With our optional advanced recording capability, you can record and store calls, and easily access them when needed.

// choose your calling ID

Determine how customers see your phone number, a single companywide number or each individual phone number.

// establish virtual local presence

Obtain local phone numbers for any areas in which you want to project local presence even if they’re out of your area. Calls to these numbers won’t incur long distance charges for you or your incoming caller.

// experience a high-quality network

Rest assured that our service is delivered over a carrier-class network based on technology from Metaswitch.

// do business as usual

Reach customers and suppliers as usual through our network of more than 12,000 local calling areas in the US and Canada.


Pursue a cap-and-grow strategy by networking your SIP-enabled premise phone system with our hosted Gage Cloud Voice platform. Add new users to the hosted solution to stop capex investment in hardware that’s nearing end of life. Deploy our integrated solution at a single site or multiple branches and you can still dial by extension and transfer calls intercompany while migrating to the cloud.