Partner Program

Even though we offer the most extensive warranty in the industry, it is important to consider a total partner program. The GAGE Partner Program gives the customer total control over system cost and functionality.

The GAGE Partner Program Includes:
  • Unlimited System Programming
  • Waiver of Premise Visit Charge 
  • 10% equipment discount 
  • Priority scheduling 
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance visit 
  • Unlimited Training 
  • Guarantee of “Inventory On Hand” 
  • Free “Software Only” Upgrades 
  • Backup and Archiving of system databases 
  • Telephone company coordination and diagnosis 
  • Replacement of defective base and handset cords 
  • Annual auditing of local and long distance expenses 
  • Free consultation 
  • Free help desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • No charge for “No Trouble Found” 
  • * Waiver of the Five Star $75 deductible 
  • ** Free remote programming twice per year

* Applies to customer with Five – Star Warranty
** Equipment must be equipped for remote programming



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